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In an ever-evolving digital world, having a customizable, high-performing, and user-friendly website is crucial. Enter GeneratePress Premium GPL – a powerhouse WordPress theme designed to take your website from good to exceptional. Fitted with hundreds of customization controls, an extensive library of professionally designed starter sites, and innovative block-based theme building, GeneratePress Premium is more than just a theme. It’s a revolution in website creation and design.

Overview: GeneratePress Premium is built to amplify your workflow and enhance the performance of your website. As a dynamic and flexible WordPress theme, GeneratePress Premium understands that every website has unique needs. Hence, it only introduces features when you need them, ensuring optimal performance and maintaining your website’s speed. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

GeneratePress Premium Features

Theme Builder

Unleash your creativity with GeneratePress Premium’s Theme Builder. Create and design your theme elements right in the block editor using the game-changing Dynamic Block Elements. The total design freedom offered here allows you to create anything you need for a standout website.

Site Library

The Site Library feature offers an extensive collection of professionally designed websites, allowing you to start your new site on the right foot. It’s all about saving you hours of development time with just a single click.

More Styling Controls

Get ready for a palette of customization options with more color, typography, spacing, and background image controls. These styling controls will help your website mirror your brand identity seamlessly.


Give your online store the extra boost it needs with GeneratePress Premium Nulled’s WooCommerce integration. This feature introduces more flexibility and control to your WooCommerce store, making e-commerce a breeze.

Advanced Hook System

The advanced hook system in GeneratePress Premium GPL Free Download lets you add anything you need, anywhere in the theme. This feature further amplifies your customization capabilities.

Mobile Header and Secondary Nav

GeneratePress Premium offers a low-profile header for your mobile site, ensuring your site looks sleek across devices. Additionally, it gives you the option to add a secondary navigation system with the same level of customizability as the primary one.

Off-Canvas Panel

Experience a lightweight slide-out or overlay off-canvas panel designed for all devices. This feature enhances the user experience by providing easy navigation.

Advanced Layout System

Take advantage of the Advanced Layout System, which allows you to change the theme layout based on advanced Display Rules, offering a custom design experience for different parts of your site.

Sticky Navigation

Improve your website’s user experience and design with the sticky navigation feature, ensuring your visitors always have the menu within their reach.

Infinite Scroll and Masonry

The Infinite Scroll feature, powered by vanilla JavaScript, offers a seamless scrolling experience on your blog archives. Coupled with the Masonry layout, your blog archive posts are displayed beautifully.

Archive Columns

The Archive Columns feature allows you to display your blog posts using a column layout, offering a structured and clean presentation of your content.

More Features

GeneratePress Premium packs in even more features like import/export, copyright control, smooth scroll, and much more, ensuring you have a comprehensive toolkit to design a fantastic website.

GeneratePress Premium is your one-stop-shop for creating fast, user-friendly, and easy-to-customize websites. It brings a wide range of features to the table. For instance, it lets you create engaging post meta, design appealing site footers, put together page heroes, and set up author boxes. Additionally, you can craft single post templates, customize 404 pages, and even create unique post cards.

Furthermore, your website design only goes as far as your creativity. With GeneratePress Premium, you’re more than ready to get started on your next website project. It gives you a taste of the future of website design and development.

In short, GeneratePress Premium isn’t just another WordPress theme. It’s a promise for a dynamic, streamlined, and engaging web presence. It embodies your unique brand identity. So why wait? Make the switch today and watch your online platform transform.

GeneratePress Premium Changelog

GP Premium 2.4.0

Security: Disallow scripts in custom field template tags
Important: Requires PHP 7.2 or greater
Feature: Improve Site Library filters
Feature: Add search capability in Site Library
Feature: Allow author searching in Site Library
Feature: Add generate_smooth_scroll_offset filter
Feature: Use built-in read more text filters
Fix: PHP 8.1 notices
Fix: Display posts in columns option changes Query Loop blocks
Fix: Remove no-csstransforms3d CSS from off canvas panel
Fix: Display Rules taxonomies missing when has_archive disabled
Fix: Navigation logo undefined array keys
Tweak: Update Content Template templates
Tweak: Update Archive Navigation templates
Tweak: Update Page Hero templates
Tweak: Update post meta templates
Tweak: Update post navigation templates
Tweak: Update site footer templates
Tweak: Remove deprecated filter_input functions
General: Updated translations
August 15, 2023

GP Premium 2.3.2

Tweak: Remove deprecated wp_get_loading_attr_default function
August 15, 2023

GP Premium 2.3.1

Fix: SelectSearch component infinite loop
Fix: Block widths inside Block Elements


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